Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Decline of Society, History IS Repeating Itself

Drama, drama, drama.  It's no wonder everyone is screwed up in the head when our real lives have started to look like the Real Housewives of the Suburbs.  I miss the days when someone was rude and you just blew it off like a lady or gentleman.  The only time you ever got physical was when someone insulted a man's wife or rustled your cattle.

One martini after work was the only alcohol needed, and Snooki would have been locked in an asylum.  Now a person like her is considered a celebrity.  What happened to modesty?  Modesty:  When you didn't see a woman's breasts at the grocery store.

Isn't this how the fall of Rome occurred?  It started with decadence, open sexuality, public "liberties" that shouldn't be quite so public, money troubles because the bulk of wealth belonged to far few, lack of morals, and dissatisfaction of the common people.  Higher taxes, resulting in less production, plus deadly illnesses also brought about troubles.

Sound familiar?  It should, we're living it now.  Anyone remember what happened soon after?  Chaos followed by the Dark Ages.  Religion took over.  They pointed to Rome and said, "See?  I told you so." That's when Christians ruled with greed, fear, and death to anyone who could think for themselves.  The Church burned Joan of Arc because God talked to her.  A little hypocritical...

God, The Mayans, and the sun itself doesn't have anything to do with the end of the world.  Life as we know it is coming to an end because we aren't stopping it.

There are so many rules and laws protecting everything there is, that we can no longer govern ourselves.  We aren't allowed to discipline our children because if we do we'll go to jail, so they are running wild.  Credit is too easy to come by, but once you use it, you can never get out of debt and foreclosed homes hit an all time high.  The common worker is paying for the mistakes of corporate greed.  Take the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico for example.  Gas prices didn't rise because there was less oil, they rose so we'd pay for the clean-up!

NOBODY takes responsibility for their own actions any more.  That's the 47%.  It's not that everyone expects handouts, but then again, they kind of do. Good people that work, pay their bills, and seem responsible, still can't spank their child for doing bad things.  If punishment was a "time out" when we were kids...we'd already be in the Dark Ages again.

So get ready.  It's coming.

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  1. im with you sister on this one..i see it coming too...


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