Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cheap Psychological Trick To A Happier Day

Recent research shows that people are happier and more productive if they start their day by looking at pictures of cute kittens, puppies, or baby animals in general.

Who paid for this research?  They could have just given me the money and I could have told them that.  

Our newest addition to the family starts my day off every morning with a smile.  As soon as the alarm goes off, while the older pets scramble to the kitchen for breakfast, my kitten runs to me purring loudly and rubbing all over me.  

"Mom's awake!  Yay!" 

He is so happy to see me up that he lays on the kitchen floor, holding my ankle, purring and staring up at me with pure love in his eyes, while everyone else is chowing down on food.

Who doesn't see a baby anything and just go, "Awwwwwww..."?  I know I certainly can't and if you are that heartless, you must be a robot.  Everyone loves an innocent animal baby.  They're so cute and playful and fall asleep wherever they are in the middle of whatever they were doing.  I can't resist it.  I'm a sucker.

Even a baby bat is cute:

Is he smiling?  He's so tiny.  Oh my gosh, too cute!

My mother found a baby squirrel, eyes still closed, hairless, looked like something out of a sci-fi movie, put it in her pocket to take home, and now he's the most adorable thing ever.  Looks like a squirrel now, but smaller.  He plays with a ball, swings in a hammock made out of a handkerchief, wears his water bowl for a hat, and leans out of his cage with the "gimme" hand every time he wants something.

Yeah, it's psychological and it doesn't cost anything, but seeing a baby anything makes people happy.  Fact. So make it your computer wallpaper, adopt a few, hang a picture in your cubicle at work, because it will start you day off right and bring a smile to your face!

This next one is my baby, Brady.  He's getting older, but still as playful as ever.  I start my day off with him and it truly brightens my mornings!

So take a tip from the experts if you don't believe me and start your day off on the right foot.  Find a picture of a cutie-pie, smile, and your day will be better!

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