Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just 10 Of The Dumb Things People Do

This one is self-explanatory.  If you don't see it, then you're stupid, too. (if your screen is too small, they are floating a power strip between two sandals)

This is a new diet craze.  They insert a feeding tube down your throat and you carry a bag of, well vitamins and such and for a few weeks.  You live on only this and water.  Supposedly you'll lose twenty or more pounds doing this and doctors that do this procedure claim it's safe.

That's disgusting.  Eat low-calorie soup, exercise, get off your lazy butt, and stop grossing me out!

Obviously drinking.  Obviously found this funny.  I don't think they realize hair products are flammable and I'd love to see the next photos in the series of stupid things drunks do...

Just let it go.  Seriously.

Everyday Survival, Why Smart People Do Stupid Things reads, "Dozens of people have fallen to their deaths off the rim of the Grand Canyon at the scenic viewpoints...more than 20 percent while taking or posing for photographs."

That guy is a prime example.  I'm sure there's a Walmart nearby that sells one of those, whatever that is.

I actually give this guy credit, at least he didn't try to drive, but how can he sleep through the sounds of traffic?  Did nobody honk?

I don't care if you do have a spotter, that's just dumb on so many levels and you deserve every broken bone you get!  WHAT went through your head to even try this as part of your routine?

It's still plugged in.  Someone call child services please, because it's bad enough she let her kid do this, but she documented it and put it on the internet.

Ewww.  Really?  You deserve to have your face plastered on the internet.  I show pictures like this and others to my son to show him why you don't drink excessively, especially in public.

Photographing a grizzly in Yellowstone.  What's that?  Twenty feet?  

Moments later Bob wondered where his arm went...

People are mauled all the time for trying to get a good picture of a bear.  BUY A ZOOM LENS!

Which leads me to these idiots. People who jump zoo fences or enclosures to get closer to the animals.  I don't feel bad for these people. Not even a little bit.  How dumb are you to ignore signs, or common sense for that matter, and get a little closer?  This lady did it during feeding time in a Berlin zoo.  Was it worth it?

I'll leave you with this final thought:

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