Friday, October 19, 2012

A Day In The Life In A House Full Of Boys

Every time I go to the store to stock up, about every two weeks, people think I'm stocking up for the apocalypse.  I have four boys.  It takes TWO overflowing buggies (carts) to get just enough to get by.  I get all the drinks and dry goods in the first trip.  Empty it into the back of the SUV I drive, then back for trip two.  That's when I get cold stuff, dairy, and fruits/vegetables.

Then it's home to find a place to put it all, before they get home from school.  During those two weeks I make quick trips back to the store for the basics we run out of like milk, bread, cheese, and eggs.

I go alone with a list (or I'll come home with nothing but cupcakes and chips I didn't see placed in the buggy) and I stick to it, minus two things: wine and chocolate.  I don't indulge in chocolate in front of my kids (because they'll ask for some), but for the love of Christmas if I'm expected to make it through the week, I better have both!

The store clerk always, always asks, "Having a party?" 
"Nope, just hoping I make it through the week." That merits a strange look and a moment of silence.

I also get, "Wow, how many cats do you have?"
(sigh) "Two. They're 25-pound Maine Coons and always hungry." (probably because they're boys)

Boys are machines when it comes to eating.  They are always hungry.  I swear they eat an entire box of cereal a day.  Each.  Little Debbie snack cakes don't stick around at all and I have to hide stuff in the garage because if they know we have more, they'll eat more...

I get to bed at midnight and get up at 5:30 every morning.  I spend 90% of my day cooking, cleaning, playing referee, and doing laundry/dishes.

Can someone explain to me why boys change clothes five times a day??  I thought they liked to be dirty and would never shower.  The number of wet towels astounds me...!!

My day:
5:30 alarm goes off, I'm immediately up, and I feed the pets, let the dog out, and holler for everyone to wake up.  I make to-go lunches, clean the cat box, and holler for everyone to wake up.  I make breakfast, holler for everyone to get up, and start laundry.  After breakfast, I wash dishes, make sure everyone is completely dressed, then get them out the door by 6:45.

By 7:00 I have my coffee, watch the morning news and try to take a breath.  The day is filled with making beds, laundry, dishes, general surface cleaning/picking up, looking for missing dishes and utensils (sadly, I have to count daily), prepping dinner, and trying to catch a breath before the chaos arrives from school at 3:40.

From 3:40-4:40 I have homework, school gossip, appointments to add to the fridge schedule, and papers to sign.  Then I start dinner while everyone leaves with a snack in hand to hold them over.  

It's pure chaos, all the time, but I can tell you three things I've successfully accomplished in the last seventeen years:  

I haven't slept since 1995.
My husband and I are still happily married after seventeen years.
I'm very good at playing Mario Kart on the Wii.

The keys to success & sanity:  

Always laugh.  "Find the funny" I'm fond of saying.
Don't be afraid to be silly, even in public.  
Stop counting calories, enjoy life, your kids don't care what you look like!

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