Thursday, October 11, 2012

One Cat Short Of Being A Crazy Cat Lady

One Cat Short Of Being A Crazy Cat Lady

I saw those words on a bumper sticker on the internet and it made me giggle.  

So I asked my husband, "How many cats does it take before you're considered a 'crazy cat lady'?"
Without hesitation, he replied, "Three."  (I have two)  So I giggled again.

I love cats. A lot of people also love cats, but there is a fine line between loving or having cats and being on a hoarding reality show and having the world think you're insane.

I'm not really sure, but I think that line has to do with cleanliness.

If you're organized and nothing smells bad, then you've become a sanctuary for the homeless and unwanted fur-babies in the world.  A hero to many.

If you're place smells like a litter box that's been locked in a hot shed all summer, then you're considered to have a problem.  Number of resident kitties notwithstanding.

I'd love to be able to afford to build a "guest house" just for cats.  Carpeted trees in the rooms, lots of windows, plenty of food, water, toys, and I know I have a lot of love to share to those furry unfortunates that people mistreat.

This guy built an entire city for every stray he found and gave them a loving home on his thirty acres:

He's my hero.  

For my part, over my years all of my cats have be strays, come from death row at the shelter, or had the misfortune of being abused by someone.  

Our latest addition had been shot, beaten, chased, and kicked.  He's still a little skittish sometimes, but he's coming around and starting to enjoy the love our family has to give.  He loves to sleep in this bed next to my desk while I work because the afternoon sun shines on him.

I know my limits and with a large dog as well as my cats, I can only really handle two cats at a time, but if I win the lottery, my rescue sanctuary could be bigger than my house!

Then I'll officially be a Crazy Cat Lady, but that'll be Ms. Crazy Cat Lady to you...

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