Monday, October 29, 2012

Squirrel Terrorizes Neighborhood In Halloween Prank

(*no animals were harmed in the making of my laughter)

Known as The Tufty Terror, this poor squirrel managed to get his head stuck in a Halloween decoration in Fareham, Hants, England.

As he stumbled around on his hind legs trying to remove the zombie head off of his own he must have made for a scary sight to some onlookers.

I would have wanted to help the little guy, but would have been unable to stand because I would be laughing to hard at the sight of a squirrel zombie.

Another Halloween mishap.  This deer was after the sweets left behind when the handle slipped over her head, she didn't seem to mind by continuing to nibble as she went on her way.

Halloween isn't the only time curiosity gets the better of animals.

This parrot was curious what was inside the washing machine ball that holds the soap.

Perhaps this horse was looking for apples that had fallen from the tree.  After eating all of them on the ground, he was hoping for a hidden cache?

No idea.  Why would a sheep be interested in a plastic chair unless some errant crumbs led her through the side opening ...

So back to squirrels.  They are curious creatures, playful, and like to eat (as well as other animals).  So be careful what you leave out because you might find a new friend in need of assistance.

Ichabod Squirrel

Now this guy:  

Has no excuse for needing the fire department's assistance.  Please be vigilant about what you throw away or you will go viral...

The 52-year-old apparently wedged his head inside the can when he reached inside for something he'd mistakenly thrown away. "We are unsure what he was looking for or what he had lost, and whether he found it," a police spokesman helpfully noted.


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