Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Do You Believe In Aliens? Giorgio Tsoukalos Does...

Who is Giorgio Tsoukalos?  Well, you may not know his name, but you've probably seen his face:

In a nutshell, he believes ancient civilizations on Earth were visited by aliens and their technology is evident in the ruins of ancient cities.  He is the publisher of Legendary Times Magazine, a periodical that searches for evidence to support his theories.  He's also close the Erich von Daniken, author of Chariots of the Gods, a book that explores the same ideas.  They've worked together for over a decade at the Center for Ancient Astronaut Research.

Yep, they actually have a research center dedicated for that purpose.

Most people know him from the show Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, where he is often giving his insight to the sites featured in each episode.  This guy.  This famous, or infamous guy, who is known more for his hair than his ideas, has a bachelor's degree in Sports Information Communications.  He worked as a professional bodybuilding promoter until 2005.


He started out sort of normal looking, had that Andy Garcia air about him.  Now I can't take him serious because of his ridiculous hair and his lack of any educational background in the subject.  He's never admitted to being abducted, but I can't see any other reason for his insistence on the idea. 

I read Chariots of the Gods and it really made me think.  I've seen some pretty, um, interesting things in my lifetime.  Unexplained things.  Things I wouldn't share, but definitely opened my eyes to the possibility of maybe other worlds and civilizations out there.  Somewhere.

But every time I look at this guy and listen to him blather on about the same thing over and over, with absolutely no supporting evidence, I want to change the channel and shut down the possibilities. I now question what I believed, but he's a nut-job and I don't think I could pull off that hairdo!

He has more Meme pictures than anyone else on the internet and this one had me spitting out my drink and laughing hysterically:

I think that says it all.  

History Channel:  Bring back Josh Bernstein, please.  At least he was trained in his field, his shows were fascinating, he wasn't clinically insane, and he was a lot better to look at!

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