Monday, August 31, 2015

ADD Became ADHD Became...Did You Say Fleas?

A few years ago I met the husband of a friend for the first time and he asked if I had ADD.

Pffsht, no. know... a lot of caffeine intake, makes me a Chatty Cathy!  I mean wine does too, which is why I don't drink much, because I'll tell everyone's secret if I'm drinking.

Back in the day it was just called ADD, but I guess too many people started doing math and they threw in an "H".

I have a high IQ, that's not bragging, just something I guess I was born with.  They say talking to yourself is a sign of genius, so I thought my random world-problem solving in my head and nonsensical verbage was normal.

The tangents I can take because I have so much going on in my head is astounding.  My son will snap his fingers in my face to get my attention and my husband often tells me to "focus".  They both try to finish my sentences because if I want to tell you something, it can take a while.

So whether it's ADD or as we now call it ADHD, it's the same thing to me and no I don't have it.  Or do I?

Driving my son to drop him off at college was five hours of fun.  The first hour was quiet while he brooded in the passenger seat and I made idle chit-chat.  Then we pass a sign for a town and I ask aloud, "What is that town known for?  Why have I heard of it?"

I should backtrack and say we just moved to Connecticut two months ago and I'm from the South.  Therefore I have zero clue about the area.

My son was trying to say he had no idea, but I was still talking out loud."It's not famous for historical figures, I don't think.  I didn't house hunt this far west.  No sports teams.  Maybe it's where that giant flea market is.  Or that dog breeder?  (laughing) Did you say fleas?"

I looked over at my son.  "Fleas, that's funny.  Like a flea circus?"

He had the oddest look on his face and said, "I didn't say anything.  That's all you.  You've been talking to yourself for the past ten minutes."

Now I'm laughing harder because I realize I heard myself say "flea market" and just inserted him into the conversation.

He still looks irritated and asked if there was a smaller, tiny version of me sitting on the other shoulder talking in my ear.

Laughing harder.

Deadpan, "You know you're crazy, right?"

I almost had to pull the car over because I could barely see through the tears, my tummy hurt, and I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard.

When I got myself under control and things returned to normal conversation, there was a lull and I started laughing again.  My son looked out the side window and asked stoically, "She's talking to you again isn't she?"

When I managed to catch my breath after the next bout of laughter, I just mused, "Maybe I do have ADD."

On this long drive, I was driving my son's car, my husband was following behind us.  I guess I was driving erratically because he called and asked if we were ok and the laughter started all over again.

Sidenote for PC people:  For those suffering or know someone who has ADHD, this is meant to poke fun at myself, not disparage anyone.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Internet Is Permanent Ink

I always warn my son that whatever he posts on the internet is out there forever.  FOREVER.  Once it's sent, you've lost all control and all rights to your privacy.

This sort of happened to me today.  A photo I posted on my blog years ago just reared it's head:

My sister-in-law texted me with the new meme (see below) of me saying how much it looked like me.  

But it was me.

My husband, always knowing me to be "a witch" found it flattering, but I'm floored.  23,000+ shares on a Facebook page called The Old Crones Corner with more than 67,000 followers.  What stunned me was everyone on that page asking permission to share the meme.  

Permission happily granted.  Nobody asked my permission if it was ok to splash me all over the internet.  They changed the background, too.  

It actually looks better...

I have to say this is one of my favorite photos, the look on my face is not wicked intent, but love shining towards my son who was cracking me up during the photo shoot.

It was an important lesson that struck home.  Literally.  The internet is permanent ink.

Well, the moon is indeed full and at least I'm not naked or in an embarrassing manner.  Everyone got a kick out of it and I'm just curious where it came from...

Blessed be.

Update:  I spoke with "the old crone" who was a wonderful person and we chatted all morning, of course I told her not to take the photo down and she found me by random chance in a Google search for "witch".  

There you have it, blasted with calls and texts from around the country, I'm now a pretty famous one.

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