Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Found God, He Was Under The Azaleas

That would make a good title for a book.  Does this count as a poor-man's-copyright?  I Googled the phrase and it's free, so I claim it!

Yeah, I'm know.  I'm going to Hell.  At least in many people's opinion, I'm not sure it truly exists so what do I care?  That picture is FUNNY!  I laughed so hard I almost couldn't get the coffee down and it's really hard to get caramel macchiatto out of a keyboard.

Trust me, I know.

My Catholic husband is praying for my soul as I type.  Look, I did my research and as long as I open my heart to God (I was baptized as a kid), He'll take me in at any time so I might as well enjoy life.

It's not like I've murdered anyone.

Yep, laughed my butt of on that one, too.

When you're around someone a lot, you tend to pick up things they say.  My husband says, "Sweet Mary Mother of Jesus!" when he...sort of swears.  So I'm weeding the garden and shout that same expression.  So he comes running out of the house and asks what's happening.

"I found God under the azaleas."
"What?", he asks.
"No ding-a-ling, there is a snake in here.  Get the shovel!"
"Sweet Mary Mother of Jesus!!" he screeched.
"I think we've covered that already.  Never mind, I'll get it, you watch the snake." As I backed out of the garden  I noticed he'd run away.

I have so many people praying for my soul, I once ended up on an evangelical email list where people started sending me hate mail because I used the term "evil laughter" in an article I wrote.  I guess I could have just put "mwahaha", but I didn't think it had enough punch.

If I'm going to Hell, I won't be alone and at least my company will have the same sense of humor!

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