Friday, October 12, 2012

Presidential Election 2012? Let's Talk Turkey!!

No, I really want to talk about turkey, because I'm sick to death of hearing about the two turkeys running for President of our country...

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin wanted the symbol of the United States to be a turkey instead of the bald eagle?  Thank goodness that fell through!

With Halloween fast approaching, I have to look ahead to Thanksgiving because I do all the cooking and planning. 

For my readers in other countries, that's the holiday where we're supposed to celebrate the time the pilgrims were starving and the Native Americans brought food to them and they gave thanks to God for the giving of the native people.  That was before we stole all their land and nearly decimated them with disease and genocide because we over-populated and discovered precious metals.  

All we actually do for Thanksgiving is stuff our face with a delicious bird, many, many sides, and desserts.  Plus, everyone has that weird relative that likes to dress in a costume for some reason (That's usually me.  Sorry son, tell it to your therapist in twenty years).  But I digress.

There is always the debate of who's family get's Thanksgiving with us and who gets us for Christmas, I do all the cooking no matter where we go or if it's at our home, but I make really good pies and I'm appreciated so I don't mind.  

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is my own house rule: as soon as the table is cleared, it's Christmas time!  Break out the decorations, hot cocoa, and start the music!  

I only get a month to celebrate my favorite holiday, why wait a day, then I can enjoy the festive house, watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel while everyone else is Black Friday shopping.  Idiots.

So let's get through Halloween, start planning for Thanksgiving, so I can get to Christmas.  

Oh, as far as the presidential election goes...I don't like either candidate so I'm still undecided!

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