Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Moses and The Red Sea: Science or God?

Yeah, religion crosses my mind a lot.  Just random questions and curiosities.

I was watching a show that tried to prove a scientific explanation for how Moses and his followers could have crossed the Red Sea with a little help from Mother Nature rather than Divine Intervention.

I could care less either way, but the idea they came up with sort of made me mad.  First they started with the fact that the shallowest part of the sea was 35 feet and that's what they were working with in their hypothesis.  Now.  Thirty-five feet deep now in the shallow parts.

Hasn't it been shown several times over that the waters have risen, globally, over the past two thousand plus years?  Isn't that why they have cities about twenty-five feet under water all over the world?  Off the coast of England, Japan, Bimini, and many, many more?  That was their first mistake in irritating me.

Then they said the "storm of the century" hit just as they were preparing to cross and the winds blew so hard for so long they literally pushed the water out of the way creating a land bridge.  Weren't these people on foot?  How did the children and elderly not blow away? Where is it in the Bible how many were lost as they blew hundreds of miles away, beaten and broken?  And then the winds stopped so abruptly that the water rushed back in to take out Ramses and his army?

I'm all about science, but as a meteorologist, you're going to have to do better than that to convince me on that one.  Score one for the Bible if you believe these particular scientists.  You would have done better figuring out the actual depth of water at the time and telling me it was low tide.

I once heard a theory about a tsunami from a volcanic eruption that did a better job of convincing me and that was after the December 2009 tsunami in Indonesia so we all saw first hand how far out the waters can recede.  Score one for those scientists.  Especially because they found and could date volcanic ash from around the same time frame.

We don't even know the exact place they crossed in order to begin to figure out how they did it.  If I had to guess, I'd bet that creepy-haired guy from the History Channel had a theory.

We know Ramses II was real, we have his mummified body. Documentation on Moses exists in Egyptian hieroglyphs as well as the Bible so I believe he was real, too. I even believe in the Exodus, but you'll have to do more to convince me Moses had a magic staff with God's powers and science has yet to sell me on how they got across the Red Sea.

So I'm off to ponder the merits of coffee cake...

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