Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm Just Fed Up With People!

You ever talk to someone and they just stand there and tell you a lie?  Just bold-face lie to you.  Over really dumb stuff, too.  I saw a neighbor at the mall.  You know from a distance, later the same day, I asked what she did that day.  I meant, "what were you shopping for", but her response was, "I got stuck at the doctor's all day, I hate that".


What was the big deal?  Was she afraid I'd tell on her if she told me she was buying shoes? I could really care less and was making casual conversation because I bumped into her when we were checking mail at the same time.

I find this happens all the time.  With everyone.  I'm just sick and tired of being lied to every day.  People lie to ingratiate themselves to you, but false friendship is as bad as lying.  People lie to cover their tracks when they don't realize I have no real interest in their lives.  People lie about little things and it makes me wonder what big things they hide as well.

If you can't tell me what you were buying at the mall, does that mean when you tell me I look good that day, you were lying about that?  Am I really ugly?  

Oh my gosh, what if I'm not funny?  Or smart?  Or a good mom?  Or a good cook?

This is where I laugh and roll my eyes.  I have a very small close-knit community of friends that I trust wholeheartedly.  They'll tell you if there's too much garlic in the sauce, when they laugh at my jokes, actual tears fall from their eyes because of how hard they laugh, our kids are always doing creative things & winning awards, and we can intelligently discuss a variety of topics.

So I have no insecurities about myself.

BUT.  It's my greatest pet peeve to be lied to, especially over really stupid things.  I've taught my son from birth:  tell me the truth and you'll never get in trouble.  Although when he picked every leaf off my plant it was hard not to ask why, but at least he said he did it.  Now we have a very open and honest relationship where we talk about everything, even when he messes up.  

I think I'll start playing their game for fun.  Next time I go shopping, I'll wear sequins and when the neighbors ask what I'm up to, I'll tell them I'm looking for Bigfoot.



  1. I hate liars too. I am from the south east side of the country where some people manage to tell the truth sometimes. I am now living on the west side and people lie like there is no tomorrow. The westerners are compulsive liars and this is making me hate people more and more. Even the so called christains out here are liars. I have been trying to encourage my companion to move away from west states like AZ, NV,CA because its too many devious lying out here. Its also becoming impossible to make friends with most people.

    1. I stopped ignoring it. I'll tell people, "Well now you're just flat-out lying to me." Then tell them the truth I know. Maybe they've gotten away with it too long and need someone to stop it. I volunteer my mean-spirited, cynical self every time.


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