Monday, April 29, 2013

Technology Has Created A World Full Of Stupid People

Fifty or sixty years ago, people had the notion that by now we'd be fully automated, everyone would have flying cars, we'd colonize other planets, travel through time, cure diseases...

Instead, where are we today?

We have successfully tackled animal shaped rubber bands and them ridiculously over-priced them.  Silly Bandz.  At least that craze has died down, but not before I got sucked into buying them for my kids.

How about the Snuggie?  Basically a backwards robe allowing you to more comfortably be a lazy ass twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  (suggested slogan) The Snuggie:  because covering up with an actual blanket is just too hard.

White trash individuals have somehow made it possible to not even get out of your pajamas and make it a socially acceptable practice to wear those pajamas in public.  Because getting dressed is just too hard.

(earrings do not make pajamas an outfit)

NOBODY knows how to spell.  Text-ese as I like to refer to this new language is the most annoying thing I've dealt with yet!!  SPELL YOUR WORDS!  

Stop abbreviating because you're too lazy to spell it out.  Of course most individuals can't spell so that's another problem.  Because it's just too hard to learn it for yourself when your cell phone has spell check and it's funny when it screws up.

So rather than advancing the human race as we've soared through the decades, we've basically killed off humanity.  We've become a society full of idiots.

Remember Wall-E?  Everyone was overweight, living in a unitard, unaware of their surroundings, and couldn't even walk any more.  Welcome to the future.  You're there.

The Age of Innocence has become the Age of Idiots.  It angers me to the point of having to self-medicate before going out so I don't punch people for being stupid. 

They're everywhere and they're taking over.  Look around.  

Technology hasn't made us smarter, who knows anyone's phone number without pushing the button in the phone?  How many hours do you spend on the computer compared to how many hours you spend outdoors?  

How many people bother with what they look like when they go out?  Why bother when nobody looks up from that little screen any more.  People text each other at the same table at Starbucks!

It's the end of the world, the fall of Rome, existence as we know it has slipped past us and nobody noticed or cared.  

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