Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just Spit It Out!

If you sigh, I will not ask you, "What's wrong?"

I will assume one of two things:  You are either suppressing a yawn or you are trying to catch your breath because you must have jogged recently.

If you're doing it in an attempt to get my attention, you failed.

If you make a vague comment about being mad, "Oh, sometimes I could just scream!", I'm going to assume it's something you do often and say nothing back.

Perhaps you have a tickle in your throat and want to get rid of it.

Maybe you saw a spider...  It was large enough to creep you out, but not big enough for you to run away.  Either way, you must have an explanation and since you didn't offer it in your initial statement, I will not ask.

Perhaps you think I'm not nice or caring enough.  I have empathy, but I'm not going to coddle you endlessly for hours trying to fish out information you'll share eventually anyway.

I'm patient, I can wait.  And I can wait a very long, long time if necessary.

The fact is, I'm tired; I haven't slept since 1993.  I'm busy; I work twenty hours a day seven days a week.

My friends know that I will listen, react, and help in any way I can.  They also know they can't dilly-dally, pussyfoot, or drag it out for dramatic effect, because I don't have the time and patience for that.

For the love of God just spit it out so we can solve the problem.  Otherwise, find someone that has the time and inclination to play your theatrical game.  I threw away the rules.

Just remember:  If you wait too long, though, I'll forget you even sighed in the first place.

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