Friday, May 17, 2013

The Crazy Things People Search And Find This Blog Instead

On my administrative page, it tells me what people put into search engines to wind up here.  I guess it would be a useful tool in getting more visitors, but mostly it just leaves me baffled.  What could I have possibly written at any time for some of these people to land on my site.  Some are obvious, but some just make me giggle.

"boobs and knives":   I'm sorry.  WHAT??  Once I did write about a man smothered by his girlfriend's breasts, but I remember nothing with knives and what kind of sick person is that?

"baby ducks laughing":  Nothing.  I drink a lot of coffee and my mind is a cross between on-the-brink-of-genius and ADD, but I definitely don't remember that combination.

"stupid people doing dumb things":  Yes.  Quite popular actually.  So I have done a few, but it started merely with idiots putting weird animals on a leash and my ranting about how stupid I thought it was, like a turtle and a goldfish (not together).

"lol":  My husband once typed "lol" while we were Skyping (his mic was broken), but he didn't and I called him on it.  "I can see you!"  That led me thoughts to the use of the phrase.

"beaver":  I wrote about an actual beaver, the furry creatures that build dams, but I didn't know how popular that animal was.  (or the rest of you are just sick)

"corner roach":  Huh?  Is that a specific species of the bug?

"m so sick of": Yeah, just "m".  That pops up a lot so I think it's the same person and Google just keeps putting in their misspelling.  Or maybe I just don't get it?

"christmas" (with or without "images, pics, & pictures" after it):  A very popular holiday and makes complete sense, but I have people doing searches for it now.  In May.  Even the Hallmark Channel's not there yet.  Or Walmart.

Those are just a few that came in this week.  Often there are many that make me shake my head and call my husband into my office to prove I'm really seeing it.

I find it fascinating how the mind works, but even more so when it comes to what people are looking into.  Good thing I don't write about serial killers, or bomb making, or terrorism...  Then again, maybe the FBI would be checking out my blog.  Of course, it might draw in more weirdos...

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