Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Enthusiasm Going Too Far?

I love Christmas.  On Thanksgiving day, when the table gets cleared from dinner, the Christmas centerpiece takes it's place.  But in my defense, before and during dinner, we have turkey decorations on the table and fall/turkey decorations around the house.  Every holiday deserves it's due time.

So the fact that my neighbors have had their Christmas decorations up and burning bright for the past two weeks is enough to send me into a rage.

I understand how stores want the jump on consumer's money and put their wares out before Halloween and I've even been guilty of purchasing some things at this ridiculously early time.

Mostly because I've learned that if you wait, it will be gone so if you want it, buy it when you see it, but to use them or to light up your house is nuts to me.  I put it in the garage until it's the proper time.

Tradition used to be to decorate your tree on Christmas Eve.  I can't imagine the anxiety my neighbors must feel all year waiting to put out their garish designs.  It must eat at them because every year their celebration gets earlier and earlier.

I love Christmas, too, and I want every second of celebrating it.  I will buy our live tree the week of Thanksgiving, usually the first school day off, the day before Turkey Day.  We put it in water in the garage because it's the same tree you'd buy a week later, only lasts longer because we put it in water sooner.  Not to mention the better selection of shape and size.

That's logic, not insanity.  The tree doesn't go up before Thanksgiving....

Look at that.  That's not pretty, that's crazy and a little bit on the tacky side.  Ok A LOT on the tacky side.  Where's the door?  ONE inflatable is acceptable in my eyes (I don't own any), unless it's a multi-inflatable display, like a Santa AND reindeer.  

I have decorated my house entirely in white once and it lit up like an NFL stadium in the neighborhood so I toned it down the next year.  I even did Christmas in November many years ago because my husband came home from year-long deployment in that month rather than December so we celebrated Christmas early.  Also an acceptable excuse and I did not decorate outside.

So please, respect other holidays and wait your turn.  Christmas IS coming, no sense rushing it.

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