Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Best Sleeping Bags Ever!

Sleeping bags are never something you look forward to.  That's why they invented air mattresses.  But if you have to have one, if camping with the family is a must, then this is the way to go:

Who doesn't want to reenact Jaws?  This is hysterical!

A fan of the vampire craze?  Now you can sleep like one in this coffin bag!

A slice of pizza and a cushion crust?  If they add smell I'd be in Heaven!  Plus there's room to roll for tossers like me.

By far my favorite.  Zips all the way to the mouth so only your eyes are peeking out.  Why be afraid of bears?  Be the bear!

So now camping is more fun, if we can just get coordinating tents......


  1. Zips all the way to the best home espresso machine mouth so only your eyes are peeking out. Why be afraid of bears? Be the bear!

  2. its a very lazy comment i think here is we talk about best sleeping bag but where are you getting the Coffee machine Amir ?


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