Thursday, November 8, 2012

Things That Make Me Feel REALLY Old

(after my dental sojourn to Panic Land, I'm back)

I'm in my forties.  When I was in my twenties, that sounded like a death sentence, but now that I'm in my forties, I still feel like I'm in my twenties even though my joints ache, I walk crooked first thing out of bed, and I can no longer carry off wearing a mini skirt...

Jaws, 1975, I saw it at the drive-in.  (that's a place where they had a giant outdoor screen and you parked your car, stayed in your car, and with a speaker you could hang in your window to hear the movie)  Wow, that scares me and yet I still say, "We're going to need a bigger boat," ALL the time.  

My husband gets it.

Patrick Swayze, my late-teens heart throb, was born in 1952.  NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO!  He's two years younger than my mother.  He was in a discussion last night and we looked his age up, but he suddenly turned into creepy old guy when I discovered my mom should have had a crush on him, not me.  He was hot, but he  was old.

Someone get my his diet exercise regime...

Grease, 1978, saw it in the theater.  Thought it was awesome, still like the movie, but when I watch it now I always remark, "What are they?  Forty year old high schoolers?"  

That's a cassette tape.  As archaic as an eight track (that's a... never mind).  Remember when you knew it was love if a guy gave you a mixed tape?  

We had company and the boys were still having beers late when I turned in for the night.  A song was playing and I heard a guy say, "I was born the year that came out."  

That got me out of bed, fast!  "What did you just say?"  After he said it again, my stunned reply: "I was in Korea when that came out." (I'm a military veteran)  

I didn't sleep much that night.

(that speaks for itself)

This Atari sold from 1980-1982.  I, of course, had one.  A joystick and ONE button.  It's no wonder I can't play with my kids these days.  I'm good at Mario Kart because it has a steering wheel and I can hold one button & push another, Throw & Go, I call them.  That's all I'm capable of doing....

Superman, with Christopher Reeve, 1978.
Fletch, with Chevy Chase, 1985.
Caddyshack, all-star cast, 1980.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show, 1970-1977.
Alice, 1976-1985.
Gremlins, 1984.
The first Indiana Jones came out in 1981.

I know who shot J.R.!

I've heard it's possible to still find it in rare places, but Tab was replaced by Diet Coke in 1982.  Eight-two!

So every time I go back to "the good old days", my kids now call it "retro", I don't realize how far back that actually was.  I just think of it as yesterday.  I'll watch my favorite black & white movies and my kids don't get it.  I've also turned into one of those "when I was your age..." adults.  

We had three channels on TV.  THREE.  Four if you got good reception with a hangar and some tin foil.  And you had to get up to change the channel.  

So I keep asking myself, when did I get so old?

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