Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday Instead Of Christmas: Stop Ruining Everything!

I saw a commercial and they were talking about "holiday cards".

I was stunned.  Then Angry.

Over the years we've been slowly taking Christmas away from the masses because it has "Christ" in it. I'm not religious, but it's freaking Christmas, not Holiday.

I tried buying my Christmas cards and everything said "Have a nice Holiday", I couldn't find any that said "Merry Christmas".

Happy HolidayS (emphasis on the plurality) is acceptable if you are encompassing Christmas and New Year's.

Nobody drives by a Christmas tree lot and says, "Keep driving!  We're looking for a Holiday tree lot..."

I'm confused.  I thought this country was based on freedom of religion, freedom of speech, inalienable rights and liberties; because my pursuit of happiness is being infringed upon when some idiot started calling it a Holiday tree!!

The kids get out of school for Holiday Break.

Even religious morons are mad when it's called Xmas, but they aren't smart enough to know it's from the Greek letter chi (Χριστός, Xristos) that represents Christ.  For Heaven's sake if you're going to pitch a fit, realize when you're fighting against yourself!

One of the most prominent Christmas tree controversies came in 2005, when the city of Boston labeled their official decorated tree as a holiday tree, and the subsequent response from the Nova Scotian tree farmer who donated the tree was that he would rather have put the tree in a wood chipper than have it named a "holiday" tree.

That's right!!

You don't like it?  Turn away.  I don't make a congressional issue out of the fact that you should be wearing pants two sizes larger thereby eliminating that spare tire of as gut, so leave my Christmas tree alone!!

What next?  No more Santa?

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