Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another Round of Really Stupid People

The internet has brought us many things:  breaking news, infinite knowledge, research at our fingertips, privacy to do things in our own home, and it's become a place where some of the dumbest people ever known to mankind are immortalized.

I don't know, maybe the ocean is behind the picture taker and a hurricane just passed and brought fish to a hole in a parking lot, but I'm inclined to believe either that guy is a moron or this photo is staged.  Because how can anybody be that dumb?

Who thinks of this stuff?  And what idiot put the boat there in the first place.  Because you own a nice truck, an expensive boat, but you won't spring a few extra bucks for a proper trailer?  

You deserve this.    I feel bad for the road and the pole.    Green means go, buddy.

OK.  Let's build a bonfire.  Let's get the bonfire to burn brighter by pouring gasoline on top of the small flame from atop an overpass. Gasoline's not volatile, what could possibly go wrong?

Stop, drop and roll!  Idiot.  That goes for the guy taking pictures as well, let's watch a guy burn to death, but get some good shots for the internet while we do it.

This next photo...all I can say the comments part after seeing the video still shot.  Is it possible to be that dumb?  Apparently.

Five words:  You missed a spot shaving. (shudder)

Wax, for the love of God!

This must be a relative of the boat guy above.  What would make you think a load of plywood that weighs more than your car would ride home with you without incident?  

And I would have loved to see the guy's face when he said, "Sure, I'll put it on top of your compact car.  Let me get the forklift, hee-hee."

Look closely and you'll see they tied it to the door handles (and the windshield wiper?) then climbed through the window.

All I can do is shake my head, there are just too many of these people out there.

Can't quite put my finger on it, but something tells me this won't catch on.  Really?!?  What would liability insurance cost?  Roller skating on a coaster?  Everyone that responded with "Cool!", you're an idiot.

Nice pants.    YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!

I have nothing to say about this one.  A picture's worth a thousand words and they're all synonyms with idiot.

He seems pretty happy about it.    Lesson here:  Don't drink wine on the 4th of July.

Once again, I'm rendered speechless. I wouldn't bother making these people more popular except for some reason they are.  I might as well capitalize on their stupidity...

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