Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cupcake Vineyards: Something To Wine About

Yesterday as my husband was grabbing a six pack, a new bottle of wine caught my eye.  Cupcake Vineyards, Angel Food, a white wine. It's a domestic.  I'll get back to that...

I love my wine and if I'm not having it with a meal, but to unwind, I love a good sweet wine late at night, an aperitif if you will.

My first love was a German wine, Schmitt Sohne, Auslesse.  It was sweet and smooth and I discovered it at a young age, but it's not always easy to find.

Young, poor, and wine was cheap so I basically stuck to a Zinfandel over the years, but then one day the liquor store manager pointed out a wine to me.  It was an Idaho vineyard, St. Chapelle Winery, and they had a sweet white called a Soft White.  A hint of citrus & floral, but crisp, clean, and smooth.

I adore this wine, living in Utah I had an endless supply, but alas I haven't had it since moving to North Carolina.

Our local Biltmore vineyard, from the famous Biltmore Estate, has a delicious Century White Wine.  It's delicate, airy, and crisp with a hint of roses and mint.  It's unique, a little hard to describe, but if I want to splurge for a special occasion, it's worth it!

I suffered along for a few years until Sutter Home came out with one called Sweet White.  The name said it all and it is just what it claims to be.  

Sweet.  White.  Wine.  Very sweet and crisp, smooth to the point I could almost describe it as creamy to the palette.  Almost as delicious as my beloved Idaho domestic and a quick favorite, not to mention it's often on sale.

Ok, so back to the Cupcake vineyard:

Angel Food.  The name caught my eye because, hey, I love angel food cake.  So I picked up the bottle.

The back label reads:  "Made with premium grapes, this wine is luscious, aromatic and delightfully reminiscent of an Angel Food cupcake.  Flavors of baked Granny Smith apples and hints of toasty vanilla combine for a creamy mouthfeel that has become a signature of Cupcake Vineyards."

Mouthfeel?  Whatever.  Angel food cupcake in a bottle?  I threw it in the basket without a further thought.  

Hell yeah!

It was double the price of my usual wines, but a sweet liquid cupcake?  You had me at "cupcake".

When I got home, I threw it into the freezer until later.  My first glass and a hot tub full of bath oils.  I'm giddy, excited almost, I will unwind and sleep like a baby.

I think the screw top should have warned me when I tried to uncork it.  Hmmm.  Ok, well, maybe it's some sort of recycle thing?  They are from California.  Cupcake, cupcake, cupcake.  I get the big glass out and take it to my awaiting lavender steamy room.  After easing into the garden tub, I lift the glass to my mouth for my first taste.


There's no sweet.  It tastes like a Pinot Grigio!  It's harsh on the tongue.  There's no apples or vanilla.  No angel food.  And certainly no cupcake!  You couldn't improve this wine if you put an angel food cupcake in it!  I don't know who does their baking, but I'm not going to their house for the holidays!  

Do not waste your money.

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