Friday, September 28, 2012

What The Hell Is Wrong With People?

I don't feel like working so I'm playing on Google.  We all do it, don't act like it's just me.  I Googled "cats on a leash", yep, nothing funnier and boy did I find a good one.  Laughed so hard I emailed it to all my family and friends (we'll get back to that one).

While scrolling through some of the photos, I came across the turtle.  Seriously? How slow are you that you need to leash your turtle?!?

"We're going to check the mail, be back in six hours!"

You could open the door, take a nap, and beat him outside!  You could eat lunch and then take a nap, and still beat him out the door!!  What if he got scared?  Are you going to wait until his legs and head reappear or just drag him?

People carry their dogs in their purse, but you're going to put a leash on a turtle?  IT'S A TURTLE!

Then there's this:

Aquarium Magazine has an ad that sells these.  I didn't think I needed to comment, but I can't help myself!

That fish doesn't care to go for a walk, he doesn't have legs! In the natural order and setting of things, they avoid the sun!  What if you hit a bump?!?  Sidewalks have cracks you know!  And where's your pooper-scooper?

Then let's look at the owner.  He's wearing calf socks with sandals!  What sort of demographic are we selling to??  If this is what retirement communities in Florida are like, I'm moving to Canada!  It wouldn't look as insane to leash a moose!

Next we have:

It's a goose.  On a leash.  Wearing shoes.  What the Hell?  Are those actually Birkenstocks??  

Moving on.


The "Snake Walker"? They sell these and people buy them?  Idiot.  I hope that guy gets bit on the butt.

Moving on!

Yeah, all right:

You certainly can't outrun that rabbit, so I'll let that one go, but it's still weird.


Ok, so I've done some pretty weird things in my life, but I have NEVER tried to put a leash on my cat.  It's a cat.  Know why a cat won't walk on a leash?  Because he's a cat.  They don't do leashes, they don't listen to you, and you can't discipline them.  Ever try to tell a cat "No"?  They pee on your stuff.  Why?  Because they're a cat.  A cat knows what you're saying.  They're smarter than you, they openly choose to use their selective hearing.  

Notice how fast they come when you say "dinner", "nap", or "treat"?  Yeah, try telling them to stop eating the plant.  Ever get that "Go To Hell" look?  That's IF they bother to give it at all, usually they just continue to eat your plant.  Shoo them away and they'll go pee on something.  You can't shoo a cat.  You can't shush one either!  They get louder.

Because they're a cat!!

But by ALL means, please keep posting these pictures on the internet because I can't get enough of the idiots that try:

This article should have been titled Stupid People Doing Dumb things.  I think it qualifies, but I was too stunned at the ridiculous leashed pets posted on the internet.

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