Thursday, September 20, 2012

Southern Girls and Football

I love football.  I adore football.  Most people have a sport they enjoy, but when football season rolls around, it's like a whole different world to me.  College colors on Saturday, NFL colors on Sunday.

I spend most of the week menu planning.  Will it me a tough game?  No spicy foods because that equals heartburn.  Will it be a blowout?  Gorge on whatever I want.  And never any seafood because a cat in the lap will mean a trip to the vet if I jump up out of my seat too fast.

All of my girlfriends love football, too.  We can be overheard discussing player merits or important plays with strangers in the grocery.  And if you are a fan of a rival team, that discussion will get heated.

I'm a perfectly respectable lady five days a week, but Saturday morning as I rifle through my gear choosing what to wear while donning my tiger ears headband...  I become a fanatic.

Even my son will turn around quickly when he sees me in colors hoping I won't engage him in conversation.  I've been teaching my dog to chant LSU, but so far all I've gotten is Woof Woof Bark.

It's a process.

My girls and I are on Facebook, texting, and calling throughout the games.  I just love that.

Silly boys, football is for girls!

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