Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dear Abby on Steroids

That's what my husband called me at lunch the other day.

Besides being slightly insane and my thought process takes me on more tangents than Google Maps, he calls me interesting.  I think that's his nice way of calling me crazy without sounding mean.  The topic of the day was his constant use of the phrase "I have no idea what he just said" in a whisper to me.

Every time we go somewhere, if they don't speak in a Boston accent or use the word "wicked" as their only adjective, he is clueless.  We've traveled around the world and when I go places, in my head I often speak with that country's accent (mostly in my head), but it helps me to better understand what they are trying to say in broken English.

Therefore, while we were at lunch, having Mexican food, I was talking to the waiter and every time he left my husband's obligatory, "I have no idea what he just said" came out of his mouth.  So I calmly explained that he asked if I wanted another Coke. Then I turned my head and rolled my eyes.

What does that have to do with Dear Abby?  How should I know, I'm supposedly the crazy one!

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