Friday, April 12, 2013

I Made It To Friday And Nobody Died...Yet

Stupid people make me insane.  I drove through a fast food window yesterday and the total was $4.76, I gave the girl $5.01 to get a quarter back.

I can do more with a quarter.  I can use it in a parking meter, I have less change to put in a vending machine, the weight of my purse would be less, I mean a quarter is a quarter, not the variety of coins that would come back, probably get buried in my bag and later when my shoulder hurts, I'm hauling out fistfuls of coins...

I digress.

I swear I sat in the drive-thru for a good ten minutes while she tried to figure out what to do.  She punched in the register that I gave her a five and then looked at the penny like it was an alien burrowing into her fist and the world just ended for her....

Wow.  Did I really have to tell her to give me a quarter back?  And did she really look at me like I was trying to pull a fast one?

Let's talk grocery clerks.  Apparently they've never actually bought groceries.  

Why the Hell would anyone put a canned good on top of my bread?!?

And while I'm at cupcake kid has OCD so I spend f-o-r-e-v-e-r finding a pack of cupcakes that doesn't have the frosting pressed into the lid and they throw it in a bag sideways??  Because it fits better??

Then suddenly I'm the mean lady because I no longer want their smashed items?!?

You're lucky that bread isn't being surgically removed because I have to find another package of bread that "looks" right or it's a waste of my money because my kids won't eat it!!

I hate stupid people, I hate stupid people, I hate stupid people.... While I'm on the subject:

When did Walmart workers decide they were superior to everyone else?  

You work at WALMART!  

I shouldn't need to say anything else to explain that statement, but... 

I'm so sorry, did I interrupt your play time with co-workers and anger you by asking you to do your f-ing job?!?

I once had a diabetic attack in Walmart, my blood sugar dropped so low, so fast I nearly went into a coma, passed out in a bathroom trying to get medication in myself and before blacking out, watched not one, but two workers walk right past me without a second glance.  People suck and whatever happened to customer service?

A customer called 911.  Then there's this:

WTF is that all about?  Peak shopping time and no workers?!?

I'm working myself into a frenzy here.  I have to go out today, I may just hurt someone.  It's sad when I have to medicate to keep from hurting the idiots I encounter.  Although it would be awesome if I could hit everyone that did/said something stupid without repercussions.  

You know, not hard, just like with a foam bat.

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