Thursday, April 4, 2013

The World Through The Eyes Of A Mother

During March Madness, when that kid Kevin Ware from Louisville broke his leg, the world was horrified at what they saw on that court.  I was horrified at what that poor kid's mother must have been going through.

His parents couldn't afford to travel to the game and she watched from home as his future hopes and dreams were possibly destroyed while he was in immeasurable pain.

I'm an animal lover and whenever I see that a cat or dog was hit and on the side of the road, it's breaks my heart again because I picture some little girl or boy without their best friend.

Some little girl is crying herself to sleep because her precious kitty never came home or a little boy waving a toy and calling for his dog to come back.

The same applies when I hear closed-minded people arguing over gay marriage rights.  If one of my kids came to me and told me they were gay, I would love them the same way I did five minutes before being told.

With all my heart.  Unconditionally.

So on that issue, I think that everyone should have the right to be with their loved one whether they are the opposite sex or same sex.  I mean not until they finish college and have been in this relationship for years can they get married, but I would support their choice no matter which way it went.

I don't know when it happened, when I went from a cold-hearted, snobby bitch that looked down my nose at everyone, caring more for my clothes than my fellow man, but it happened.  The mom in me cries all Christmas season watching the Hallmark Channel. 

I turned sentimental and fiercely protective of my kids.  So everything I see, hear, or do, my mind reflects on them.  How will it affect them?  How will this help or harm them?  How can I help make it right for them?

So the world has changed, but so have I.  

The eyes of a mother looks at the world differently.  It's what keeps me decorating for every holiday.  It's why I bake cookies on rainy days.  It's why I work from home so that I may dole out hugs as soon as school releases my kids back into my care.  

It's why I get up all night long with every thump or bang, every shut of a door, every moan or cry...

It's why I live on coffee and act a little crazy.

"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world.  It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in it's path."  ~Agatha Christie

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