Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston Bombing Suspects Possibly Identified

Posting this update above the story I originally posted below...

In a related story of the real bombers identified, these two men have come forward:

The two men described as “possible suspects” in the Boston Marathon bombing are actually a 24-year-old track coach and a teenage high school runner who works at Subway and posted photos to Facebook of his trip Monday to watch the race.

In a CNN update, correspondent Deborah Feyerick reported that investigators were looking at two “possible suspects” who had initially been considered “men of interest.” However, Feyerick added, the pair had subsequently “risen to the top of the list” of probers. While not showing photos of the two purported suspects, Feyerick gave detailed descriptions of the pair’s clothing and the bags they carried.

CNN anchor Erin Burnett reported this afternoon that investigators alerted to photos of the two spectators because “perhaps” the bags they carried “were bigger than they should be.” Large enough, presumably, to fit six-liter pressure cookers. Burnett also reported that photos of the duo "hovering" near the finish line were not being disseminated by federal agents due to fear that such a release “could impede the investigation.”

Original story:

They aren't talking exactly who the suspects are, but last night on CNN we were told "a man in a white ball cap and another in a running suit trying to blend in".

Well, I'm not a genius, but let's take a look...

And they're carrying bags?  Come on, why not wear a name tag that says "Hello, My Name Is:  Bomber".

Then there's this creepy looking guy...

Carrying a bag suspiciously like the one that exploded.

In a crowd shot, Creepy looking guy is trying to keep eyes-on the two that are seen together.

(Middle, bottom, look for the white hat)

That guy in the blue track suit is caught "talking into his hand" on pictures at least twice.

I'm not stereotyping here, but that's a white ball cap and that's a running suit and they are clearly together:

These other two guys that many have speculated about.  Let me sort of clear this up, again, I'm no expert, but I am prior military and that's standard issue if I've ever seen it, no matter how suspicious they seem to some, they look like "military poised" to me and that ball cap is not white and those are not "running suits".

And we did have military guys actually running the marathon so why wouldn't we have some in the crowd?

If anyone knows those other three creepy guys, you may want to call the authorities, just in case they are armed and dangerous, because they look suspicious to me.

If they are college students and not the "white ball cap and running suit" the authorities are looking for, then I apologize for pointing fingers, but next time wear a different outfit...

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