Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why I Hate Make-Up Companies

Especially Clinique!

Every time, and I mean EVERY TIME I find a color or product I like, they stop making it.  Going all the way back to the early '90's when my favorite lip pencil ("raisin") was changed.  It was still called "raisin", but the color was putrid.  A lot of money straight into the trash can.

Make-up shouldn't be a fashion trend, it should be what looks good on your skin.  It's not a seasonal thing.  Want to add a trendy lipstick?  Go for it, but keep the classics.  Not everyone looks good in neon pink!!  Especially anyone over the age of twelve.

Chubby stick.  Not the crap they have at the counters now, the old chubby stick, "vanilla brownie", my favorite pencil ever.  Gone!

Look, I don't wear lipstick, it wears off.  I color with a pencil and it stays for hours, so lip pencils are my thing.  Usually Clinique has a good color, suckers me out of more money, then just as quickly, yanks the product away.  

Let's see...right about the time the first one needs replacing!

We aren't dating.  There's no reason to punish me.  I don't even buy for the free gift so stop yanking my colors away like a petulant child!  

Last fall?  A pencil called "cider".  Not exactly the best ever, but I sure like it.  Oh wait, I liked it.

That's because I went to the store to buy another and it was GONE.  And you think putting those little girls in a lab coat makes them an expert?!?  I was dismissed so fast when I asked for it you would have thought I was a homeless person.  

And I was there to spend money!  I would have bought every cider pencil they had.


Excuse me?  Just because I don't need your make-over to turn me into a Caucasian version of a cross between Grace Jones and a drag queen?

I'm done with Clinique.  I only buy their colors anyway.  Elizabeth Arden has better foundations and cleaners so perhaps I'll try their colors because I'm sick and tired of being disappointed when I go to get something I really liked only to be patronized when told they didn't sell that anymore.

Like I'm asking for last year's shoes or God forbid...a sale.

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