Sunday, March 24, 2013

John Sandford's "Bad Blood" Book Review

OK, so it's an older book (2010), but I just came across it.  I like this author so I gave it a go even though it's a book from a series relating to "Virgil Flowers" and I haven't read the rest of them.  He is a state investigator, I'll say, without giving away the story.

Suspenseful.  I'll give it that.  I kept turning the pages and was irritated when interrupted while reading.

The romantic scenes thrown in between the main character and a temporary co-case worker were, to say the least, no Fifty Shades of Grey (I haven't read it but excerpts are everywhere), but I hate those risque scenes and usually skip past them.  In this book's case, I didn't understand half of the euphemisms used and after unsuccessful attempts to work it out with my husband, even tried to Google what he was talking about.

I'm not exactly a prude, but "spurring her down to the quarter pole", left me blank.  I can assume based on the scene what it means, but the exact meaning...? 

Despite these, thankfully brief and vague encounters, the plot was socially disturbing, striking a chord that fascinated the part of me that leans to the macabre.  

It's a good read, flows well, and I may have to search some bargain bins for other Virgil Flowers novels.

I'd say worth the buy if looking into it!

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