Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Crepe Murder (Love That Phrase)

I read that phrase somewhere and it made me laugh pretty hard.  I didn't even have to see the pictures before I knew exactly what they were talking about...

Crepe Myrtles can be hard to handle, but I trim in the Spring, I certainly don't give them a crew cut, just trim back because I want mine to be a tree.

I get that they are pretty to line a street and the city wants them under control, but whenever I see this.  I weep for the tree.  When the branches shoot out, they come from this ball in the middle of the trunk and looks ridiculous.

It doesn't make stringing Christmas lights easier so what's the point?  You want a bush, plant a boxwood; you want a flowering bush, I'm sure you can find one better than mutilating these poor trees.

What's even worse to my eyes are when the power company cuts trees to fit around a power line.  What the hell is that all about?!?

Unless Chuck Norris played golf through that, it's simply uncalled for and ugly.  Either cut the tree down. or, oh my god what a concept: bury the lines in the ditch.

Bury the lines.  We would no longer deforest to hang those stupid power lines and trees won't have to be mutilated in this fashion.  Add the bonus of not having to worry about frozen lines or storm branches knocking them out...

I have some like this in my front yard after a recent branch murdering and I have to tell you, not only am I pretty ticked off that I have to look at it, but the jerk-offs left the amputated branches for ME to clean up!!

And while destroying my precious flora, they destroyed the ground with their heavy equipment and also left me to pay to fill their holes...

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