Saturday, March 23, 2013

Body Armor For A Broken Heart

I have often wondered why we, as humans, have no protection against a broken heart.  I have had mine broken so many times, it's like that lamp you glued back together...  After a while, there is so much glue residue, the pieces no longer fit and your heart is never really whole again.

Speaking from a woman's perspective, we tend to binge eat when we are sad.  Ice cream, chocolates, sweets in general.  Men will just get drunk and focus on the hangover rather than what upset them.

There is a scientific study that proves that certain foods, especially chocolate, produces a chemical in the brain that makes you happy; gives the feeling of euphoria.  

I think my switch is broken.

But I was thinking about it this morning as I was testing the limits of my pant seams, why I can't seem to get a handle on it when I'm usually an upbeat, funny person.

Then it hits me, like a frying pan upside the head.  Body armor.

Broken heart?  Eat fatty things, build a fatter body and voila!  You now have a self-made armor suit to help protect against another broken heart.

Well, physically speaking that is, because it doesn't seem to block the mental aspect of it except in the extreme short term.

Depression can be linked to a broken heart eight times out of ten and that broken heart can be caused by many things.  The callousness of a partner, betrayal of a friend, or loss of a loved one.  When these things happen we want the pain to stop and we reach for our smithy tools.

Our head yells, "Stop it!  We don't need that!", but our heart mourns, "It will fill the cracks enough to function again."

A seed, a nut, comes in a hard protective shell that prevents the tender parts from being damaged before it has a chance to blossom.  We are not equipped in the same way as other things in Nature and so...

Bring on the chocolate, (unless you have the writing skills and voice of Adele or Taylor Swift) just make sure you nibble while on a treadmill or people will know your secret of inner turmoil and you don't want to buy a new wardrobe to fit your new armor.

Speaking of, I'm off to the mall for bigger jeans!

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