Friday, March 29, 2013

Gun Control, Zombie Apocalypse, Or Hype?

I'm a skeptical person.  I started to say cynical, but skeptical is a better word in this case.

Example:  Yesterday I was telling my husband about the local street festival (Belle Chere), in it's 34th year, and how the city was thinking of ending it's run.  The purpose of the festival was to rebuild downtown and draw more people to local shops, but costs for security, cleanup, and other things aren't making it worth keeping the festival alive as downtown has started to flourish...

My first thought was that everyone will flock to the "last" festival and the city will make tons of money and then they will say it's so popular they could never think of getting rid of it.


Well, first it was the Mayan Apocalypse bringing the end of the world, then rumors of antibiotic resistant drugs so the Zombie Apocalypse was inevitable, and now gun control for citizens.

Gun sales have soared, ammunition is unable to be found on shelves, and people are going nuts.

I don't think guns are the problem, but gun manufacturers sure are reaping the benefits.

I mean the car didn't make the drunk driver kill the family.  So will we ban cars next?

What about medications?  Will anti-depressants and anti-psychotics be mandatory for everyone just in case you may lose it and want to murder someone?

Or is all of this sleight of hand?

While everyone who owns a gun, myself included, is panicking about losing the right to have it, what is the government doing behind our protesting backs?

That's what scares me more...

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