Friday, March 22, 2013

Mother Smother Should Be A Named Disorder

Have you ever known someone with that natural mothering instinct?  They have it so bad they mother adults as well as kids, besides their own, plus a few strangers thrown in?  

We all know this person.  Constantly bossing people around, dressing them properly, correcting them, or giving advice.  At the same time, they get bent out of shape if you don't heed them.

I equate them to a mother duck.  Always making that noise (wack-wack-wack), but fall out of line and the quacking speeds up and gets louder until you do what they want just to make it stop!

Smothering you, until you simply can't stand it anymore.  I think it's no coincidence that the word "smothering" includes the word "mother".

I've known many of them over the years and they amuse me.  Sometimes on a bad day I have to smack my head on the wall before answering the phone because I am always trying to calm them down because a duckling didn't fall into line and their MOCD (Mothering Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) has pushed them over the edge.

I agree with that statement and I'm guilty of giving advice, too.  But when I'm asked, "How come you aren't wearing the sweater I gave you?" My first instinct is to say because it's ugly.  

I have a bit of a mean streak. 

I usually refrain and respond with, "I just wore it the other day, it's in the wash."  Because quite frankly, I wear what I want, I'm an adult.

These people can't help their over-mothering urges.  I've watched some of them for years and it gnaws at them like cancer to try if they try and hold back.  I can't think of a drug to cure it so the only thing left is for their victims to be a little patient and understanding.

But I think I may start a campaign to get this listed as a real disorder so perhaps we can get these people some help.  They would certainly be happier and stress free if they weren't worrying about everyone else around them.  

If Zoloft can help with regular OCD, despite being primarily an antidepressant, sure something (wine) can calm these Smother Mothers down...

Indeed Sir Fleming.  Indeed.

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