Monday, March 25, 2013

James Rollins "The Blood Gospel" Book Review

After stumbling across this author's The Devil Colony, I finished that book on a trip and in an airport found another of his books:  The Blood Gospel.  I paid twice what I would have in a bookstore, but the last book was that good, so I scooped this one up!

Another winner.  James Patterson is my favorite author, but he may soon be replaced by James Rollins.  He gets you from the first and keeps you hanging throughout his entire book.

A combination of the supernatural, secret organizations, and religious history, it seems like it wouldn't work, but I had trouble getting anything else done while this book was left unread.

I have to say, after starting with a bargain bin leftover in The Devil Colony, I find myself searching for his books when I hit the book stores.  I don't know how he escaped my radar for so long because as an avid reader of pretty much anything, I don't recall coming across his work before.

Although I have read some of his books, I'm not a huge Tom Clancy fan, and I think I grouped James Rollins in the same category, purely based on titles and covers.  That's my only excuse.

Rollins' books flow well and has enough to capture your imagination without dragging you down into too many details.

I highly recommend anything he's written, although I've only ingested two so far.

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