Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cyber-Bullies And One Angry Mom

1. 42% of children have been bullied while online. 1 in 4 have had it happen more than once.
2. Instant messaging is the most commonly used tool for cyber-bullies.
3.  Cyber-bullies are twice as likely to be girls.  (emphasis on this part by me)
4.  More than 1 in 3 young people have been threatened online.

Sources: Yale University, i-SAFE Survey.

My oldest boy is fairly passive until backed into a corner.  It takes a lot to back him in that corner, I've only seen it once, but it wasn't pretty.  

He had this girlfriend, seemed nice, good family, volunteered with the same organization with us, church-goers, all-around I thought it was a good match.  They broke up as kids are prone to do, quite often.

She wanted to go to the Homecoming Dance as a Freshman, he asked her, arrangements were made, then she broke up with him two days before the dance to go with a different guy.  I had to reign in the anger over the money I dished out to care about his feelings first.  As a good mom should.

Months down the road she wanted to get back together and he told her no.  Then the internet-bashing began...

Passive.  Remember I said that?  He closed his Facebook account so he could avoid her, she has started a campaign against him at school so no girl would ever date him and yesterday I find out she's bashing him on Twitter.

He doesn't have an account there, but the fun thing about Twitter is ANYONE can see what you carelessly post in a fit of teen-aged angst.  After reading some of her posts, I've decided it's time to print and bring some to her mother because apparently she is clueless as to what her kid is up to online since most of it is profanity spewed at her.

My son is angry at me for getting involved just by looking into it, but as a parent...

That little potty-mouthed psychopathic sack of hormonal whiny bi-polar rage better back off because Mom's got the reins now and I'm not afraid to take it to the mat!

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