Thursday, December 6, 2012

The New Internet Craze People Do With Their Pets

I should say the "crazy things people do" maybe "stupid things dumb people do", but I'd be here too long so we'll start with one I saw the other day.

A while back people were "breading" their cats.  That's where they made a hole in a slice of bread, shoved the cat's head through it, photographed it and put it on the internet.  I even saw a pita used once.

Poor kitties.

Let's talk "shaming".

I'm not sure if that's what it's being called, but that's what it seems like it should be named.  Much like humans being in a sandwich board or holding up a poster for punishment on a busy street corner, people are now posting pictures of their pet's crimes.

Is this really necessary?  Do the animals even know what that says?  I mean, my pets are pretty smart, so would I find a fresh "present" in a shoe for publicly humiliating them?

How do you get that look on their face?  Because That's mine's "I'm a bad dog" face, whenever I use those words for something, well, bad that he's done.

And if the photographer did use those words for their own humorous photo, is this right?  I feel bad for the animal being blamed for the crime.

We had two cats, one was always getting into trouble for going outside of the box.  He passed away last May and I found he was not the one going outside of the box...

The guilt!  And at the same time:  "Comet!  Bad kitty!"

This would apply to my Brady.  But is it the cat's fault for being attracted to something made of cream or the owner's fault for leaving the butter out?  I learned to put the butter back into the refrigerator.  Problem solved.  Angering the cat by posting a humiliating photo, unnecessary.

They can hold a grudge like nobody's business and the way they get even... (shudder)

Is it worth it?  This last dog seems pretty happy he eats socks, but the cat knows he didn't really supply them so, he's not so happy.  I admit it made me giggle.  Just a little.  On the inside.

But just stop it people!  

Shame yourselves, but not the innocent animals for your own pleasure.  Unless it's really funny, then maybe...


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    1. Me, too. It's said with tongue-in-cheek. And you know I'll try it when I think of a good one.


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