Friday, December 21, 2012

Silly Mayans And Their Calendar

So it's December 21, 2012 and past 6:11 am EST.  I'm still here, TV still works, electricity is on...

Earth wasn't sucked into a black hole, solar flares didn't melt the planet, earthquakes didn't uproot entire cities, and zombies aren't beating on my windows.  

Although in the case of zombies, it is a bit chilly outside and I wouldn't blame them for waiting until Spring.

All day yesterday people were saying on talks shows and news clips that we shouldn't believe a calendar of an extinct race of people that didn't foretell their own demise.  

Of course, some still didn't want to take a chance and started stock-piling foods and building shelters over a year ago, but I figured that since major signs of an apocalypse haven't been rearing an ugly head yet this, well, decade, why bother.  

If volcanoes started erupting in weird places or earthquakes destroyed more than cities around the Pacific Ring of Fire this past summer, I might have been inclined to stop buying shoes and start buying bottled water, but here we are just before Christmas and the solstice has passed.

And for anyone who didn't know:

Good thing I mailed my Christmas cards and finished my shopping because Christmas is apparently still on this year! 

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