Thursday, December 13, 2012

Animal Exploitation Protest In Spain

400 people stood in Puerta Del Sol in Madrid protesting animal exploitation on Animal Rights Day.  Each individual stood in a hazmat suit holding a dead animal.  They felt using the actual bodies of animals that have been tortured, tested, used in animal fights, or victims of cruelty would make for a stronger impact in getting their point across...

Some cried while standing there.

Many around the world applauded their efforts.  Cheers rang out at the brave act these people participated in, young and old alike.

They group felt using the bodies instead of photos would really make their efforts sink in to those in charge that can help rescue more animals from the same fate. "All of God's creatures have their rights."  This is their belief.

Well, they succeeded in making me angry!

These people exploited the animals to protest exploitation of animals.  Can they not see the irony in this?  

A good photo can achieve a lot.  Just ask National Geographic.  I will not show any of the photos because I will not be a part of exploiting the animals further.

Those poor creatures did not die to further the efforts of IgualdadAnimal (Animals' Equality), let their souls rest in peace!


These are the same people that laid naked in the streets with fake gorings to protest the running of the bulls.

I'm all for animals, I volunteer weekends to help find homes for unloved, unwanted cats and dogs.  All of my pets are rescues with tragic tales, but to exploit them further by parading them through town showing their scars would never cross my mind.  Alive or dead.

I would never dishonor them by doing such a cruel and hideous act and anyone that could is not a hero in my eyes.

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