Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What Makes A Good Leader For Our Children Outside The Home?

A big question with a lot of argument behind it.

With the Boy Scouts of America considering dropping the ban on gay members and leaders, there is backlash on both sides.  Personally, I don't care either way, but it brings to mind a discussion I had yesterday over whether to home-school or not and what's best for our children.

When my Bear was in kindergarten, his teacher had a PhD in child studies, Dr. Jones. A wonderful, caring and encouraging man.  We lived in Utah then, Mormon/LDS country and there were a few fanatical mothers  that were not the same tolerant Mormons I know, my BFF especially, they banned together to get him fired because there was "no way a man can be nurturing enough to raise our children".

First of all, I raise my children, teachers teach my children.  I stood by this man, that my son adored and I thought was a great teacher, but in the end, he was discredited and fired.

The world is changing and we must change with it.  I don't agree with the way people relate to each other, with communication between humans based on a texting lingo that doesn't remotely resemble English and not actual voice contact.

I don't like the language kids are using, but the teachers in school use it, too.  I don't think keeping my children at home will benefit their growth in this new world we inhabit, I just use each example as how not to behave.

I don't think that being gay or not being gay makes a difference in how a person can or cannot teach.  Whether or not they would make a good leader. That's personality, character, or ability.  I don't think having a gay person in charge will make my kids gay.  I think it will help them understand there are many different types of people in this world and they can learn to live with it, or be eaten with hate from the inside out.

My oldest didn't know what race was until he started school and was taught by other kids and other adults. Up until that point he thought there was only varying degrees of "tan".  That all people were equal no matter what they looked like, where they lived, or where they come from.

I wanted to raise a child that understood to judge someone from the heart, not the stereotype.

I have friends of all races, backgrounds, and religions.  They are my friends because they are funny, morally upstanding, and not openly judgmental.  I don't care how someone feels on the inside, but keep your negativity to yourself!

Now I teach my children that not everyone in this world is nice.  Most people are ignorant of truth and fight from hatred rather than facts because that's what they were taught.  That no matter what they encounter, remember the lessons I've instilled and try their best to be tolerant and understanding.

If they don't agree with something to the point of arguing, study the issue from the perspective of the other's view before entering a disagreement, that way their argument will have an intelligent and insightful point rather than arguing for argument's sake.

Because that is what makes a good leader.

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