Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Move Over Kim Kardashian, Katherine Webb's The New "IT" Girl

Miss Alabama and ranked in the top ten for Miss USA, Katherine Webb is AJ McCarron's girlfriend.  Who's AJ?  Oh, he's the quarterback for Alabama, the team that just won the BCS Championship.  Again.

After being seen on TV Monday night, her Twitter followers increased by 200K+, that's double what her boyfriend has and includes Lebron James as a new fan.

She seems humbled by all the hype.  Says of her boyfriend, "I just thought he was really cute", but let's get real.  Unless he gets a really large contract with the NFL, how long before she moves on to a baller that has money?

She has her looks and knows how to use them.  She'll ride her BCS train as far as it will take her, then move on to someone richer, just like Kim Kardashian.

It's AJ I feel sorry for.  

He thought he was the celebrity in their relationship who got a good-looking girlfriend, but little did he know how far he would fall down the ladder of interest when in a post game interview he was asked how he felt about Lebron following her on Twitter.

Take heed, AJ.  Put a ring on it if you want to keep it, but make sure you're willing to give up half later when she's exposed to a broader spectrum of men.  

Don't believe me?  Just ask Reggie Bush what it's like to have your biggest supporter run off and marry another, only to divorce him a week later for yet another.  Even Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit spent enough time on her during the game to warrant "stalker alert".

And for those just looking for a sexier picture of her, because I know that's why you clicked this link, here you go:


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