Thursday, January 24, 2013

Subway Restaurants Being Sued: Are You Kidding Me?

Subway.  We've all heard those annoying commercials:  Five.  Five dollar.  Five dollar foot-long...

The company's chains in New Jersey are being sued for selling their foot-long sandwiches that are allegedly coming up short at eleven inches.  The two guys doing the suing are saying that the last bite is short changing them, literally by 65 cents per sandwich over a span of several years.

Really?!?  Let's start with:

You're a moron.

First of all you're eating Subway way too much and how do you plan to prove how many sandwiches you've been shortchanged on?  If I were a judge, I would want a photo of every sandwich that was only eleven inches long, not just the one they show in a photo, which could have been an accident.

I've eaten there.  That bread is incredibly soft and after being crammed in paper and then shoved in a bag, perhaps it got squished a bit?  Who carries a giant tape-measure around?

Second, what is wrong with you that you hired a lawyer because your filling packed loaf of bread isn't long enough?  It's literally a loaf of bread.  Who really needs to eat a FOOT long sandwich?  You're not a professional athlete!  This isn't an episode of Seinfeld.

Thirdly, it's fast food.  Should I sue Taco Bell because I had one eight of an inch of my Mexican pizza missing some cheese?  What the frick??  They have five star restaurants in NYC selling an appetizer at forty dollars a pop on a decorative plate and calling it an entree and you're complaining about an entire giant sandwich that you only paid five dollars for not being enough?

There are people starving worldwide as well as within the boundaries of our own country and you're going to try and profit off of a company, probably shutting the chain down in that area and causing people to lose jobs because you got short-changed an inch?!?

Come to my house.  I'll give you a knuckle sandwich for free.


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