Thursday, January 3, 2013

Scattered Thoughts With A Head Cold

I should be halfway around what we call "the back loop" in my morning walk by now.  Instead I'm in my robe with a pounding headache.  I blew my nose and a green Buick came out.  This is the worst thing to me, my sinuses acting up.

Sinus Infection, head cold, what's the difference?  I still feel like poop.

I really hate when someone gives you advice, too.  No, I haven't tried that, really, it will fix all my problems?  Let me invest more money in useless crap then...

I boiled about $50 worth of ginger in water with an orange, the netty pot nearly drowned me when I tilted the wrong way, I already eat spicy foods, The head over the steam with a towel thing doesn't work and every time I bend over I'm not sure if I pass out or fall asleep, but I've been trying to tie my shoe for an hour.

My doctor has been on vacation for weeks and by now, even if I could get an appointment, I don't want to be in an office full of people sick with the flu or have to get dressed and drive there.

Driving hurts my head with a sinus thing.  Makes me feel slightly off and my vision is blurry out of one eye.

No fever, no other symptoms besides what's going on in my head so I'm not concerned with any other issues, but please, please, please go away.  Everything smells and tastes like old garlic and I can't breathe when I sleep.

Starve a fever, feed a cold?  I'm supposed to be dieting and all I want is cookies because sweets are the only sense that my tongue recognizes. Old habit that is really hard to break right now.

I guess spending the day sleeping in bed is my best bet at this point.

(yawn) What was I saying?

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