Friday, January 25, 2013

Theft of Laundry Detergent On The Rise

Yeah, I said laundry detergent.

All over the country, mass quantities of large liquid Tide detergent is being loaded into buggies (or carts) and being walked out of store doors without being paid for by thieves.

They take a $20 bottle and sell a capful of detergent or one on those "pods" one shot at a time in laundromats making up to $60 a bottle in profit.  But I'm still left asking aloud:

WHAT?!?  Really?  Soap a high commodity?

It's the same as when they put security devices on razor blades.  Why can't a normal, honest shopper just BUY stuff in peace?  They're now starting to put security devices on soap in stores around the country.

Isn't that why Walmart has those people standing at the door "greeting" people?  If you see someone walking out with a buggy filled with laundry soap and only laundry soap.......I have an idea:  stop them!

I have a hard enough time shopping at large store because everything has some sort of tag that needs removing and it takes forever because I always get the clerk that doesn't have the necessary tool to remove it.  Always.

I'm so frustrated over a handful of idiots that are ruining everything for the rest of the normal world it makes me nuts.  I can't by sinus medication without a background check, I can't shave my legs without a security clearance and now my clothes cannot be cleaned without being placed on an FBI watch list.

Stop it.  Just stop it.

This world is going crazy and it won't be long before I own my very own "high-powered assault weapon" to protect my Pop-Tarts in my own home from bandits!

This is the zombie apocalypse, it's not a fight against disease-ridden humans that have transformed into monsters out to eat our flesh, it's a battle against idiocy in a world where "normal" no long seems to exists.

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