Friday, November 1, 2013

A Family In Need...Magnum's Lift To Freedom

As Christmas approaches I start getting a little cheap with things because I know I'll have to buy numerous gifts for others.  Not to mention the road trip prior that I'll have to make to my parents home for Thanksgiving...

Sometimes I my heart just breaks for those in need.

My son has quite a few friends that eat peanut butter & jelly, Chef Boyardee, or ramen noodles for dinner every night.  They have never travelled or seen anything outside of their county, much less their state.

Then you take into account we live in a world of social media.  People don't interact with each other or actually speak any more.  Texting is the norm. So how do we get people to care?

It's hard to imagine that someone you know might actually need something important.  I never pass a Salvation Army can at Christmas without dropping at least a dollar in it, I always give a few canned items during food drives, because I know every little bit helps.

I know this because I'm also a volunteer.  I also believe Karma is watching me and eventually I'll be rewarded for all of my efforts to help others.

We don't have a lot, but I know we have more than others and if we don't reach out, if it's possible, who will?

Thanks to Facebook, I reconnected with an old friend I've known since fifth grade.  She and I have shared many laughs and talks, but you wouldn't know she was burdened.  She has a son born with spina bifida, but it doesn't bring her down, she is as fierce as any mother and encourages her son to do all he can possibly do in life.

Unfortunately, her husband has lost his job and they are still trying to pay for the lift in their van that helps transport him around.  Maybe someone will see this, maybe someone will share, but my greatest hope is that someone will donate a little money and help them.

I've given up 20 Starbucks coffees or twelve trips through fast food restaurants, or three lunches with friends, or any other numbers of ways to justify the small amount I was able to give.

What can you give up to help someone truly in need?

The link to donate:

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