Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Genius Ideas During Insomnia

I do my best thinking in the middle of the night.

So I may not be the first to think of this idea, but I didn't read about it anywhere.

I have these gorgeous dishes I bought at Pier 1 (Vallarta, 12 place setting -- plates, salad plates, bowls, & canisters) ages ago and they were extremely expensive.  They have little nicks and chips along the edges from normal wear and tear...

They bother me.  I'm embarrassed to serve visitors and use my good china for guests even if it's hamburgers/hot dogs.  I didn't want to throw them out, they don't sell them any more and I've been stumped on what to do.  

A marker would still leave the dent and fade in the dishwasher.  The rough edges would still be there.


So I never paint my nails because I work with my hands and my nails look wretched, but I do paint my toenails in summer wearing sandals.  I have a ton of colors and it got me to thinking...

Nail polish is smooth, it's waterproof, and comes in a million colors.

I was at Target and staring at all of them on a wall.  The manager walks by saying "Tough choice, I know."

But she didn't know.  I kept thinking of that paint commercial, "Not like a puuuuuuurrrrrple, but more like a puuuurrpppple."  

I needed just the right shade of blue and not metallic.


One dab and it hardly shows, patience and two coats and yes, it's held up through washing, the dishwasher, and my family!

I'm telling everyone I know because my dishes look new again and I can use them once more without embarrassment!!  Who knew?

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