Saturday, June 22, 2013

No Rest For The Weary

My grandmother used to tell me that.  She was up long after we went to bed and awake before the chickens.  Looking back, I think she was the rooster's alarm clock.

I never understood what that meant as a child and I was always so frustrated when she'd say it.

I'm tired.  Not exhausted, not depleted, just tired.  What's the difference?  I can go on, I just don't want to.

I wake up and I start my day immediately, no snooze for me.  I feed everyone, I get laundry and dishes started, make beds, lunches, but I feel like I never get anything accomplished.  The floor is always in need of vacuuming, there is always more laundry and dishes piled up.  My calendar is full of appointments, jobs, and errands.

My oldest had his wisdom teeth removed the other day and we have been battling swelling.  He is no longer hurting, but he can't eat because his cheeks are between his teeth, he can't talk right and he is miserable.

As a mother I worry.  About everything.  I called the doctor and was told "give it time".  Easy for him.  He's not losing sleep at night!  Things are piling up as I give my son the extra attention he needs and as I took a few moments to sit, I just said to myself, "I'm so tired."

Then I heard Maw Maw faintly reply, "No rest for the weary," in her cheerful voice.

So I rise and start again to do the things I do, without expecting praise or appreciation.  Just like my grandmother did.

I go to bed well after everyone else and I'm the first one up, before the sun, and I suspect if we had a rooster, I'd have to wake him...

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