Monday, June 24, 2013

Man Turns His "Beloved" Cat Into A Hovercraft

This is not a new story, but every time I see something touting this "breakthrough in taxidermy" it sickens me.

The Dutch "artist", Bart Jansen turned his dead cat Orville, named after Orville Wright, into a remote-controlled helicopter, after having him stuffed and mounted propellers to his legs.

The Orvillecopter, which Jansen built with Arjen Beltman, was on display at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam.

Art?  Really?

Orville died when he was run over by a car and now supposed to receive more powerful engines for the Hague expo.

Orville's owner says he loved birds and he can now fly with them.


Ok, those are the facts.  Let's look at the hideousness of what he did.  He claimed he did it to honor his so-called beloved feline friend because he could now chase birds.

Can he?  He is now a toy, operated by his one-time owner, who I would chance to guess wouldn't chase birds with his fancy new Orvillecopter because it would be cruel to the birds.

Ironic?  I wouldn't bother to post a photo except I know you'll just Google it anyway.

I hope someone turns that guy into a hover craft when he's dead.  Or that he just gets hit by a car.  Either way, I think it's sick what he did and it angers me.  Now it's a joke and other artists are talking about turning different things into hover crafts.

Where's the Dutch version of PETA?  Spain has one.  Of course aren't the Dutch the ones famous for legal drugs & prostitutes, oh, and euthanasia?  

Shouldn't this qualify for animal experimentation?

I saw a story where a sushi restaurant served with these drones instead of a waiter having to walk ten feet to deliver it to a table.

Poor Orville, I hope he is either resting peacefully or haunting the Hell out of his former owner!

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