Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bear Brown Boy Detective

Inspired by my son, Bear, and our cat, Butler, I've started my children's series.  It's based on some of their real-life antics.

My husband always tells me that I can do it and as a writer, there is always the fear of rejection.  Will it be good enough?  Will be people cringe behind my back?  What would my family think?

Well, I got out of that pajama cave of indecision and put it out there for all to see.

First in the new series is The Dilly Dally Bank Burglars, now available on Kindle and soon to be released on Nook.

I'm hoping for a long running series that inspires humor, fun, and a throwback to a Norman Rockwell era of life when kids could just be kids.  They are short stories so an easy read and perhaps a good bedtime story to invoke happy dreams.

I hope the world enjoys them, I know my son does.  It's also a living tribute to our beloved cat that passed a few years ago, but was the ever faithful sidekick to my son.

Coming soon, the second in the series:  Ms. Peach's Parrot.

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