Friday, February 8, 2013

New England "Monster Storm" Has Residents Scrambling

Record-setting snow is expected to begin in New England this morning.  Stores are sold out of supplies, people are running around to prepare for this terrible winter hazard in a frenzy...


You live in New England and it's snowing.

Again:  You New England...and it's snowing.

Why is this a surprise?  It's like Florida's panhandle freaking out over a hurricane.  Just because you've had a few mild years doesn't mean global warming has stopped winter altogether.

Oh no!  We live in a Northern, wet climate.  It's winter.  We're getting snow!!  Call the National Guard!  Blame Obama.  (he gets blamed for everything else, just thought I'd toss that in)

Panic!  People aren't panicking enough!

I'm from a hurricane state.  We expect this, we prepare for this, we stock up for this.  I've lived in the Dakotas, winter meant supplies in-home and in your car, keeping your tanks full, keeping extra blankets, flashlights, and batteries on hand.  You live in New England, this should not be news.

People in Oklahoma build tornado shelters below ground.  Because they live in Tornado Alley.

(Greater Boston blizzard of 1978)

Yes, you got a hurricane this year.  To the hurricane people, we rolled our eyes, but it's a valid point on your part. If New Orleans was hit with three feet or more of snow, panic should ensue.

Boston:  your seasonal average is 41.3 inches of snow, just because you didn't get it by February doesn't mean you won't get it.  You're just getting it all at once this year.

For you New Englanders:  Buck up!  Enjoy the time off with your kids.  Sleep in, roast marshmallows over a fire, and get creative with the snowmen, stay off the roads, but please (good grief) calm down.

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